Virtual reality and psychedelic prohibition

Gonzalez Franco predicted technology would allow users to experience mind-altering hallucinations that often occur under the influence of psychedelic drugs but without all the dismal side effects of taking a substance like LSD.

from an International Business Times article on a new product line from Microsoft.

Dismal side effects of taking a substance like LSD.
Like…a lower electric bill than you’d pay for VR?

Restated: why legalize psychedelics when you can just … plug into the matrix.

It will be ironic if virtual reality serves the same function to psychedelics as alcohol and prescription meds serve to cannabis – the ‘legal alternative’ that keeps the psychedelic competitor out of the market.


Author: Noah Potter Law

I'm a commercial litigator based in New York providing provide legal research, writing and strategic analysis as an independent contractor to other attorneys. I have unusually long experience with drug law and policy generally and with cannabis in particular dating back to my time as an undergraduate political science student at Columbia.

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